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NEW! Vieno bottle

1180 EUR

Combining hard glass with warm wood, the Vieno bottle is designed to combine harmoniously with floral arrangements. Vieno is like smooth, calm water: it gives life to flowers and branches that are given to it, letting them reach out towards new light. It breathes new life into surrounding space. The bottle is an outstanding piece of art also without flowers.


The Vieno bottle is crowned by a hand-carved wood cap designed by Antrei Hartikainen. The bark-like feel of the skilfully crafted cap creates an alluring contrast to the smoothness of the glass; like a tree growing from water, light yet strong.


The delicate and plainly beautiful shades of eggplant, tender apricot, calm smoke, glowing olive, pale celadon green as well as the bright light yellow all arise from the very landscape of the Finnish soul.


Diameter: 138 mm

Height: Bottle 228 mm

With cap: 280–350 mm

Material: Mouth-blown glass, wood

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"Appealing handcrafted design. Something unusual, valuable and worth caring for. "
Finnish design by Katriina Nuutinen made by craftsmen in Finland. Pure, natural and quality materials in beautiful forms and products you want to cherish.

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Katriina Nuutinen is one of the leading Finnish designers of her generation. Her meticulous work process turns glass and ceramics into exquisite high-end artifacts, both decorative as well as functional. The harmonic shapes and colors of her products represent unique, timeless elegance. The balanced blend of light, color and different materials creates layers of meanings and stories that come together in products that last from one generation to another. The exceptional shapes and color combinations are the very factor that gives Nuutinen’s work its unique appeal.

Nuutinen has created various memorable items in collaboration with skilled glassblowers, carpenters and other artisans. The Hely jewel lightning and the Perho mirror are fine examples of the designer’s vision. Green values and sustainable development are close to Nuutinen’s heart, which results in a desire to create products that stand the test of time and age gracefully. As a designer, she has a firm vision and will to promote Finnish artisanship and design on a global level. Whether intense or delicate, bold or playful, her designs take a fraction of the Finnish soul and compress it into a piece that anyone can hold. She produces many of her own designs by herself and now you have possibility to buy directly from her!